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Please inquire for complete details for any of these specimens.
Palm Frond plate with multiple fish on a 6'6" by 4 foot wide.
This plate measures roughly 9 and a half by 6 and a half feet and features a large palm with fish. 3 phareodus ,3 mioplosus 3 diplos 2 priscara  1 knighita and a stingray
This complete green river palm frond is 9ft 6'' tall and is 6ft 6'' wide is 52 million years old from Fossil Lake in Wyoming USA

5 foot tall by 4 feet wide double panel fossil plate.
Palm Flower
72" tall, 24" wide from the Green River fm.
This palm frond on stem is 50" tall and 44" wide, Green River fm.
Large plate measuring 7 foot, 8 inches tall by 5 feet wide.  Palm, fish and ray.

Green River palm fronds positive and negative 5ft tall and 4 ft wide. sold as a set
Large Stone Aquarium:
42''x26'' high stone aquarium with 2 sting rays 2 phareodus encastus 1-phareodus testis and 1 knightia
6ft.' unidentified palm flower on a 6'3'' x 25'' panel.
This un-described turtle measures 6.5 inches long and is on an 11 by 10 inch matrix.
Large Stone Aquarium:
It measures 65 inches long by 22 inches high.  Featuring 2 complete Rays and 8 complete fish.
Click on the detail link to appreciate the size of this plate.
Palm Panels:
This palm wall is 13 ft tall, expanded to 24ft wide  It has 2 -13ft palms a 5ft- palm and 6.6''sticky palm flower.  Panels can be added extending the length to as long as you would like.
Amazing Find:
This palm and palm flower is the first ever recorded combination of its kind from the Green River formation.  This unique and beautiful combo is large and sweeping in stature resting on a plate that is eight feet tall and six feet wide.    It is truly a magnificent specimen!
Palm flower panel is 6 ft tall and 24'' wide.  This is a single panel with a detail photo on the left.
The palm flower is un-described from the green river formation.
8 x 6 foot Palm Plate
This palm and palm flower is the first ever recorded combination of its kind.

Eocene Palm
Exquisite palm on matrix measuring 55 inches tall by 43 inches wide.


Palm Frond
Eocene palm  48'' tall on a 55'' tall and 40'' wide plate. call or email  for details

Baby Turtle
50 Million year old un-described baby turtle.  Measures 4.75 inches long.

Eocene Bat
Un-described species.  Found 9-17-2009

Eocene Palm
This palm is approximately 9 foot long on a 10 foot high by 6 foot wide panel.  It has several small fish also on the matrix.

Palm Wall Plate
This is one big Palm with a stone aquarium! Photo taken at the 2009 Tucson show.

Stone Aquarium
This stone aquarium is 27'' wide 48 '' high with 8- Diplomystus, 8 Knightia eocena  with 1 Stingray on a yellow and white  hard ash layer
Stone Aquarium
This stone aquarium is 25'' high and 20'' wide with 2- Mioplosus  8- Knightia eocena and 1- Diplomystus on yellow and white hard ash.

Stone Aquarium
This stone aquarium is aprox.36'' long and 27'' high with 2 Phareodus testis  6 Knightia eocena  and 1 Diplomystus eating a Knightia eocena on yellow and white  hard ash
Stone Aquarium
This stoneaquarium is 36''high and 27'' wide with 1- 19'' long 9'' disc Stingray . 1 -7.5'' Priscara and 8 Knightia eocena.

 Stone Aquarium
 Is aprox 38'' long and 28'' high it has a 11'' Priscara and 1- 4'' Priscara  1- Diplomystus 2- Knighita eocena  and 1 Stingray this ash plate is a rain plate . Its  super!
Un-described Gar
This is a un-described Gar  40" long and is the 7th one found of this type soon be named in Lance Grandy's Gar Book
Stone Aquarium
This stone aquarium is approximately 43'' long and 17'' high with 3 Mioplosus and 8 Knightia eocena
Stone Aquarium
This stone aquarium is approximately 18'' high and 22'' long with 1 Phareodus testis and 6 Knightia eocena

Large Un-described Bird
Over 4 foot wing span
Green River Snapping Turtle
This specimen measures 4.5 Inches.
Stingray with Mioplosus

Lepisoteus Gar Fish in Aquarium
Gar is 22 inches on a 56 by 22 inch matrix.

Stingray and Phareodus in Aquarium

Phareodus Stone Aquarium
24 Inch Phareodus

Large Stone Aquarium, 72" by 62"
(2 Phareodus, 3 Diplomystus, 1 Miopolosus, 1 - 16 "
Stingray and 12 Knightia)
FOB Laguna Beach CA 




Fossil Cock Pheasant

Fossil Palm




Stone Aquarium
47" long by 27" high (1 - 15" Stingray, 2 Phareodus, 3 Knightia and 1 Eohidon)



Fossil Shrimp
8" long, 3" high



Stone Aquarium
44" high, 21" wide
(1 - 7" Priscara, 1 - 8" Priscara and
1 - 25" Stingray)






Palm Frond is 31" x 31" on  a 36"x48" matrix with 2 Knightia. Eocena.

3-1/2 inch Crawfish Procambarus Primaevus in excellent condition on 4" Long 2 1/2" High Matrix. Eocene


Large Ray


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